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Shirobako is my 5th favorite anime of all time, so when I went to Tokyo, I just had to go on a Shirobako pilgrimage and do some recreation shots! Check it out!

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Episode 7:
In this episode, Aoi's older sister comes to visit her in Tokyo.
The pilgrimage starts when you arrive at Musashi-Sakai Station, where Kao-chan-neesan also arrives to visit Aoi-chan.
The "No Bikes" signs that Kao-chan-neesan arrives between at Musashi-Sakai station.
Kao-chan-neesan's view of Musashi-Sakai.
Kao-chan-neesan is disappointed that Tokyo isn't too different from the countryside.
Walking further from the station, we arrive at the corner where Kao-chan-neesan sees Emacchi headed home for lunch.
Kao-chan-neesan waves and calls out to Emacchi, but is unnoticed.
Episode 13:
In this episode, Miyamori Aoi studies about fighter jets for Musashino Animation's new production: The Third Aerial Girls Squad.
Pretty close to the station, we find the library Miyamori Aoi studies at.
Aoi-chan studying about fighter jets.
A larger view of the public library.
View from the entrance of the library. The trees seem to have grown since the production of this anime.
Diesel-san talking to Aoi-chan outside the library.
Diesel-san in front of the Musashi-Sakai subway station.