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The Real
Warning: Spoilers for Hataraku Maou-sama! (The Devil is a Part-Timer!) Below!
While in Tokyo, I stayed in Sasazuka, and happened to be rewatching Hataraku Maou-sama. Coincidentally, the show is also set in Sasazuka, so it was a good opportunity to do some anime recreation shots.
The title above is named after the Osaka Universal Studio rides of "Attack on Titan: The Real," and "Evangelion: The Real," where guests experience more realistic depictions of those anime series. You can consider this a ride as well, which can be taken if you go to Tokyo. As mentioned in the anime, Sasazuka is indeed just one station away from Shinjuku, the main downtown area of Tokyo. You'll have no problem finding it.
Episode 5:
In this episode, Lucifer reveals himself and fight Maou and company.
Maou returns to his true form and saves Emilia and Chi-chan.
Emilia about to transform.
Maou snapping his fingers to project a magic barrier around the area, knocking the civilians unconscious.
Lucifer and Olba in the Sasazuka sky looking down.
Emilia deflecting Lucifer's attack into Maou's face.
Maou struggling after being hit by Lucifer's attack.
Episode 8:
In this episode, Emilia and Suzuno take the Keio line to Shinjuku.
Emilia and Suzuno meeting at Sasazuka Station.
Emilia and Suzuno arguing.